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Play Shaper: Engaging Communities in Play is a professional development programme designed to help those who plan, design, build and manage our pubic spaces to understand the importance of children's play, and their role in enabling it within the public realm.

Play Shaper seminars enable partenrship working across local authorities and communities to create and maintain genuinely child-friendly public space.

Play Shaper is part of Play England's Engaging Communities in Play programme which empowers local communties to take control of the space where children would like to play and promote the long term sustainability of local play provision developed through the play pathfinder and playbuilder capital programme. Further information about the Engaging Communities in Play programme can be found here.

Play Shaper is being delivered by a national partnership led by Play England drawing on expert support from Playwork Partnerships and SkillsActive.

Play Shaper is funded by the Department for Education.


Contact details

For further information please contact us or ring 0207 843 6300.


Play England

Play England aims to give all children and young people in England regular access to free, inclusive play provision and play space in their local area.

Play England is part of NCB and is funded by the Big Lottery Fund as an integral part of their Children’s Play initiative.



Playwork Partnerships

Playwork Partnerships, based at the University of Gloucestershire, works to enrich children and young people's lives through their experience of quality play.

It does this by promoting the importance of play and playwork, and increasing the learning opportunities for playworkers.




SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being, which includes the playwork sector. It works across the UK, leading the development of playwork education and training for all those working with children and young people.



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Use the online learning environment after you have participated in a Play Shaper seminar. You can access learning materials, online discussions and an assessment quiz that accredits your continuing professional development.

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