Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council is located at the geographic centre of England, in the West Midlands. The council hosted a Professional Development seminar in October 2009.

The chief executive of the council, who had previously been the head of children services and had a passionate interest in providing better play opportunities for children and young people, opened the event.

A range of action points and priorities emerged for continuing to improve play across the area:

  • widening the reach of the local play partnership to include representatives from the planning department and social housing providers
  • cascading information about sensible risk management to other partners and strategic plans
  • producing a set of good practice examples on balanced approaches to risk management
  • including more consideration for play in the new Transport Plan, and consulting residents on routes to play areas
  • encouraging extended schools to use the principles of Design for Play and to offer access to school-based play areas in the evening and weekends
  • passing on information on the importance of play to community police officers and the anti-social behaviour team
  • looking at budget pooling to increase the amount of money available for commissioning and refurbishing play areas
  • reviewing the role of play when refreshing the local Nature Conservation Strategy, Woodland Strategy and Countryside Strategy
  • offering a half-day workshop to local councillors with Play England on key issues including risk / benefit assessment and good design, and following up with appropriate events to ensure continued support.  

For further information contact Emma Sibbing at Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

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