Play and risk

A new UK Government took office on 11 May and is in the process of deciding its position on a number of policies and government strategies . As a result the resources listed on this page may not reflect current Government policy. All statutory guidance and legislation referred to continues to reflect the current legal position unless indicated otherwise.

Resources and further information relating to play and risk.

  1. 1. Managing Risk in Play Provision: Implementation guide Guidance from Play England and government departments leading on play that helps providers strike a balance between the risks and benefits of offering children challenging play opportunities. The guide shows how play providers can replace current risk assessment practice with an approach to risk management and takes into account the benefits to children and young people of challenging play experiences, as well as the risks.
  2. 2. Managing risk in play provision: A briefing for risk managers This Play England briefing paper is designed to help risk management professionals make informed decisions when balancing the risks and benefits associated with adventurous play opportunities.
  3. 3. Staying Safe: Action Plan Published in response to the Staying Safe consultation on the first ever cross-government strategy for improving children and young people's safety. The Action Plan sets out new commitments on children's safety, including a new £18m home safety equipment scheme targeted at vulnerable areas, a Child Safety Education Coalition and a new National Safeguarding Unit for the Third Sector.
  4. 4. How to Live Dangerously: Why We Should All Stop Worrying, and Start Living - Warwick Cairns (2008) A straight-talking manifesto that assesses the real risks of modern-day life, and encourages us to embrace a new freedom in the way we live.
  5. 5. No Fear: Growing up in a risk averse society - Tim Gill (2007) Examines some of the key issues with regard to children's safety: playground design and legislation, antisocial behaviour, bullying, child protection, the fear of strangers and online risks. It offers insights into the roles of parents, teachers, carers, the media, safety agencies and the government and exposes the contradictions inherent in current attitudes and policies, revealing how risk-averse behaviour ironically can damage and endanger children's lives.
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