Play and transport

A new UK Government took office on 11 May and is in the process of deciding its position on a number of policies and government strategies . As a result the resources listed on this page may not reflect current Government policy. All statutory guidance and legislation referred to continues to reflect the current legal position unless indicated otherwise.

Resources and further information relating to play and transport.

  1. 1. Active Travel and Play A factsheet that outlines the benefits of independent active play and active mobility in childhood, with clear recommendations and further sources of information.
  2. 2. Better Places to Play Through Planning publication aims to support local planning and transport authorities to develop and implement planning policy that ensures children and young people have access to high quality playable space close to where they live and spend their time.
  3. 3. Child Road Safety Strategy The Department for Transport's child safety strategy sets out what it will be doing to improve road safety for children aged up to 15 years old, to help meet the 2010 casualty reduction target.
  4. 4. DIY Streets Pocket Guide This short guide has been written for anyone who would like to do something to improve the safety, condition and general atmosphere of their local streets. Guidance on Local Transport Plans
  5. 5. Guidance on Local Transport Plans Final guidance to support local transport authorities in developing and delivering their transport plan, provides links to further guidance and resources, and includes a section on child-friendly travel and transport planning and policy.
  6. 6. Home Zones: challenging the future of our streets This document aims to disseminate good practice in Home Zone design and scheme development, drawing on experience from the Home Zones Challenge. It complements design guidance already published.
  7. 7. Making Residential Travel Plans Work: Best Practice Guide Detailed advice on all aspects of preparing a residential travel plan and securing it through the planning system.
  8. 8. Manual for Streets Manual for Streets provides guidance for practitioners involved in the planning, design, provision and approval of new residential streets, and modifications to existing ones. It aims to increase the quality of life through good design which creates more people-orientated streets.
  9. 9. Routes to Play A guide for local authorities on how to ensure children and young people can get to play spaces actively and independently.
  10. 10. Sustainable Communities: Building for the Future The Sustainable Community Plan produced by the Department for Communities and Local Government, stresses that: New and refurbished play spaces are accessible on foot or by bicycle Children are able to travel freely and safely around their local streets by foot or bicycle Play spaces are located away from busy streets where practicable Consideration is given to developing playable routes within and between neighbourhoods.
  11. 11. Travelling to School: a good practice guide This guide for local transport and education authorities describes what schools, local authorities and bus operators around England have been doing to promote walking, cycling and public transport.
  12. 12. Why Play? This leaflet looks at the benefits of active play and how to make it part of everyday life.
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