The Play Shaper programme is designed to help participants understand:

  • the importance of play to children
  • their role in creating child-friendly spaces and places, where play plus safe, active travel by children is supported
  • how supporting children’s play in their area can help deliver local priorities, for example, increasing physical activity and developing sustainable communities
  • what can be done to encourage children’s play opportunities, drawing on good practice
  • the importance of cross-professional collaboration in creating child-friendly communities.

The quality of the delivery of Play Shaper seminars is rigorously assessed and the programme content is endorsed by SkillsActive, the Sector Skills Council for Active Learning, Leisure and Well-being, with support from other Sector Skills Councils and professional bodies.

A full agenda of the one-day Play Shaper seminar is available in the course programme.

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Use the online learning environment after you have participated in a Play Shaper seminar. You can access learning materials, online discussions and an assessment quiz that accredits your continuing professional development.

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