ProActive Islington

ProActive Islington is a strategic partnership coordinated by the Primary Care Trust and Islington Council. It promotes physical activity to the borough’s residents, and through this, encourages social inclusion, positive engagement, regeneration and civic pride.

The membership of ProActive Islington includes the Islington Play Partnership and London Play (a coordinating body for all London play associations) alongside its partners from the sports and leisure services.

The partnership has been quick to recognise the importance of active play in increasing physical exercise in children. Its strategy explicitly states that ‘life-long physical activity begins with children’s play’, and goes on to call for safe play environments as a crucial element of child development.

ProActive Islington’s action plan includes:

  • conducting an audit of all play areas and other open spaces used by children to play
  • improving and developing outdoor play equipment in a range of settings, including parks and housing estates
  • linking the Active Islington Strategy to other strategic plans, including the local play strategy and green travel strategy
  • developing a tool for auditing access to physical activity opportunities in new housing developments

For further information contact Seher Kayikci

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