Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council’s planning department has been instrumental in the development of play across Newcastle, with a thorough understanding of how all aspects of urban design need to be considered to ensure children and communities have accessible, interesting play spaces.

Prior to the current national initiatives around play, Newcastle had developed a core group of partners to look at developing a Play Strategy, Supplementary Planning Guidelines and a ‘design code’ for play spaces, for inclusion in the Local Development Framework.

This embryonic ‘Play Partnership’ was instigated and initially driven by the planning department, with additional members being invited as the group progressed.

The Newcastle Play Partnership has grown to encompass a wider range of partners and stakeholders, but the planning department has remained a member and continues to have a high level of input into the strategic planning of play.

The Partnership values the input of the planners, as all partners recognise the importance of placing play space development within the context of the strategic urban and social development of the city.

As stated in their Play Strategy: ‘Quality play provision has the potential to significantly improve social inclusion and promote social and community development’.

For further information contact: Newcastle Play Service or visit

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